Friendship Day 2018

The first big senior school community event for the year was Friendship Day on the 16 of February. It was a great reminder to appreciate the friends we have, as well as to meet new people and make more friends, especially across different grades.

Over 150 lolly bags were bought by students as a gift to give to their friends and were given out on the day. Then at lunchtime there were chicken nuggets and home bakes available for sale. This was complemented by an Acoustica, with talented performers from all year levels stepping up to perform with full support of the crowd.

The enthusiasm across the different grades was amazing, with everyone joining in to make the day a great experience. It was great to see everyone appreciating the friends that they have as well as speaking to new people and sharing the friendship, as this was what the day was about. Overall, Friendship Day was enjoyed by all, and organised by all of the Year 12 leadership groups. But it was the involvement of everyone from the Year 7s to the Year 12s making the day.

Lauren (Vice Captain Community)

A few comments from other grades:

What I appreciated the most on Friendship Day was seeing all the lollipops and all the different notes on the lockers, this was to remind us of how special friends are. At lunch, it was amazing to just stop and take a moment to look around at what fun everyone was having. The chicken nuggets line was super long but at the same time they were delicious to eat and worth the wait. I enjoyed the singing and watching the people show off their talents and I enjoyed the singalongs too. At the end of the day, there was lots of love and friendship which was lovely to see! Kearyn, Year 7

Friendship day was filled with so much fun, and you could really feel the love. Everyone was showing each other friendship and kindness all day. Coming to school and finding a note on everyone's locker was such a great surprise and started the day off in an encouraging way. Acoustica was an awesome way to spend time with your friends at lunch and appreciate each other's gifts and talents. Overall, friendship day was brilliant and the grade 12's did an incredible job at setting up the day and spreading the positivity around the school. Sophia, Year 9