Friendship Day 2022 at Northside Christian College

During Term 1, Middle and Senior School students came together to celebrate Friendship Day. We listened to students perform music on the green, had lunch and enjoyed baked goodies. 

On this day, we connect with our friends here and our sponsor children in Vietnam. For a few weeks leading up to the event, the Missions Leadership Team visited classrooms, taught the other students about our sponsor children and encouraged the students to bring in a donation. Our college raised approximately $2700 for our 6 sponsor children and their communities. The money we raised will help provide education and healthcare for these communities.

This lunchtime also helped strengthen our Northside community as the Middle and Senior School students spent time together. The Year 7s and new students experienced their first Senior School social event and were introduced to the exciting times to look forward to as they progress in school. It was an enjoyable day celebrating our friends. 

It was a fun lunchtime where the grades could connect, but it also allowed students to come together, reflect on their blessings, and continue building a community within Northside. 

- By Gigi M, Year 12