From the Principal - Fascinating Benefits of Friends

Social commentator Karl Faase from Olive Tree Media writes a daily blog that is worth following. He recently wrote on the topic, ‘Friends Make You Happy’. He mentioned that Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School has found through careful research what most of us know by experience - your social circle influences your attitudes and behaviours.

Faase outlines how research has shown that happiness seems to come in clusters and if a good friend living within a couple of kilometres of you suddenly becomes happy then your chance of happiness increases by sixty percent. One of the theories about how this occurs is called "empathetic mimicry." In other words, when you see a happy person smile, you smile as well and it causes you to feel the emotion of joy and increases your own happiness.

This reminds us of two truths. Firstly, be careful who your friends are because, whether you want them to or not, they will influence your life.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Your attitudes, behaviours and responses will impact the lives of the people around you. Whether you are trying to make people happy or influence their faith, it will be more caught than taught.

My take away from the article was a reminder that Northside is the beneficiary of the service and commitment of over 450+ volunteers this year.

I simply want to say to all our parent, grandparent, alumni, staff and community volunteers – You have made a difference to our students and our community. Thank you for your valuable contributions (and smiles) – Northside is all the richer because of you!


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