Recently, the Year 9 and Year 10 French classes had a Google Meet with a school in France, providing a real opportunity to engage, speak, listen and communicate effective in french. 

The school in France is a Christian school with a similar history to Northside, with French teacher Mrs Sarah Chapman establishing this connection due to her attendance of the on-site church whilst studying in Lyon. The ability to connect with a Christian, french-speaking school was a blessing that this key relationship, supported by our digital platform, provided for the students.

The students also heard from Karine, the French teacher in Lyon, who talked about 'EssentielRadio' - one of the largest French speaking Christian radio stations which is run out of the same school. This was exciting for the students, who have been listening to this station themselves to practice listening ability. Karine was very impressed with Northside Students and they are very keen to keep growing the relationships between our schools.