Alongside 70 other students from the class of 2021, Sophia Savage and Georgia Musumeci were selected to visit Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus for a 3-day leadership conference. 

“From Rockhampton to Coffs Harbor, the students we were surrounded by were vastly diverse, despite all meeting Griffith’s criteria and being in positions of leadership at their schools. So much difference was warmly inviting; it felt like just another school cohort. 

We had speakers such as Scott Millar, one of the youngest and most successful businessmen in Australia, give us advice on the presentation, mentality, and personality behind leadership as well as the precious value within teamwork. Even as the days came to end, we enjoyed each other’s company in the resident lodges; making connections and networks to now long distance friends. 

We had multiple sessions from various industry leaders and professionals focusing on our leadership skills. These sessions included personality types, presentation skills and how to lead well. It was a great opportunity to go out in a different environment and be surrounded by like-minded students. The Griffith team were so welcoming and focused on  preparing us for our transition from High School to University. 

We were presented with many hands on experiences in our area of choice and got to experience lectures and activities from Griffith Professors. It was a great 3 days. We both have learnt a lot which we will take with us as we begin our year 12 journey and into the future.”

Georgia Musumeci and Sophia Savage