Honouring years of faithful service: Janene Grant

From the College Principal, Mr Leighton Kuss

From our youngest Prep student to our oldest graduate in Year 12, the College motto ‘Character Through Christ’ remains our focus.

One of our retiring Junior School Leaders, Mrs Janene Grant, has epitomised such single-mindedness in her years as Early Years Co-ordinator. We honour Janene for her faithful service, initiation of many great Junior School traditions such as Under 8s Day, and focus on student and parent relationships. I know I speak on behalf of everyone who has been blessed by Janene, in wishing her every blessing in her retirement.

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I recently spoke at the Year 11 Leadership Lunch and described character as the mark or imprint we leave on those we come into contact with daily. Each word, look, suggestion, comment or action, will either leave a negative mark on a person, indicating lack of character, or alternately a good and godly impact, indicating good character.

Of course we all have times when we know we could have handled situations much better. Our response after such failures is crucial. Forgiveness needs to be sought and given. This takes courage from everyone involved. Regarding courage, C S Lewis explained, ‘Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point’.

As a community committed to Character Through Christ, Anne Snyder’s outline of ‘A Person of Character’ is perhaps a helpful start for personal reflection. I personally have a character journey ahead, I suspect we all do. Let’s commit to the journey together.

A Person of Character

…is in love with the good.

…is graced by humility.

…is honest.

…keeps his or her word.

…is conscientious and diligent.

…is courageous in choosing to do the right thing even when it’s painful.

…is disciplined and self-controlled.

…is able to see the good in other human beings and draw it out.

…is generous and hospitable.

…perseveres when the going gets rough; possesses mental toughness.

…has such a hones moral instinct so as to be fully integrated - head, heart, and helping hand.

…refuses to choose a course of action based on popular opinion, but rather on a deeper sense of right and wrong.

…takes responsibility for his or her mistakes.

…is a lifelong learner, never satisfied with his or her own shortcomings; continually seeking wisdom.

…bestows dignity to all around him or her.

…puts others’ well-being above his or her own.

…honours his or her commitments.

…is compassionate and empathetic.

…is grateful and gracious.

…forgives and seeks forgiveness.

…should be able to discern the quality of character in others.