How to Access Parent Lounge

Parents and carers can access information about their student's schooling on Parent Lounge. This portal allows you to:

  • View today's Daily Notices and calendar events
  • Contact your student's teachers by email
  • Book parent-teacher interviews (when available)
  • View assessment calendar, academic reports and attendance data
  • Check and update medical information
  • Find links to College policies.

How to Access Parent Lounge

On the College Website, hover over About Us in the blue menu bar to make a drop-down menu appear. Click Services. Scroll down to Logins and click the notebook icon in the middle for Parent Lounge. This takes you directly to the login screen.

If you'd like instructions, go the the top white menu bar and hover over My Northside to make a drop-down menu appear. Click Parent Lounge, which takes you to a page that includes instructions and links.

To log on, you need your College-supplied user name and password. Obtain your user name by ringing the reception in your child's school or emailing the Parent Lounge administrator ( If you know your user name but you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the box in the top right-hand corner of the login box. If you experience any difficulties obtaining a new password, please email the College.