The thinking caps were on as our Upper Junior School students enjoyed Innovation Day at the end of Term 2. Year 3-6 students had opportunities to think creatively and critically, problem-solve, analyse data, test theories and more while having lots of fun.

Year 3

Big Bang Education come to perform a show to Year 3 students and do a Heat and States of Matter Workshop with each of the classes. The show used a variety of tools including electricity, chemical reactions, liquid nitrogen, and friction to explore how heat is produced, transferred, and can affect states of matter. In the workshops, students took part in activities involving water changing from solid to liquid to gas while also exploring the transfer of heat from our bodies and investigating temperatures around the school.

Year 4

Year 4 students have been participating in the Wheels Free Workshop with Young Engineers. In this workshop, students form teams to try to create a robot that moves without wheels. They must use all their communication and teamwork skills to design and program movement considering the balance, coordination of motors, and sensory input.

Year 6

The Year 6 students have been enjoying Stop Motion Workshops with Damien Kee. Students utilised storyboarding, filming, and editing techniques to create short animated videos on science concepts using stop motion.

Year 5

On 19/7, Year 5 will be working with It’s Rocket Science in Go for Altitude Workshops. These sessions will have students consider the laws of motion, friction, gravity, and propulsion as they launch rocket ships they have made from recycled materials 100m into the air using water and compressed air. They will observe their experiments and record the variables of space flight.

A special thank you to our staff, presenters and parent volunteers who made the day special and engaging!