Year 7 students at Northside Christian College planned and created a Science SPACE Expo for the Year 3 students.

The Year 7 students were studying ASTRONOMY in Science this term and exploring the question - How does what happens in Space affect us on Earth? 

To make a real-world experience for the students, the teachers thought it would be a great idea for the Year 7 students to create a SPACE Expo to help teach the Year 3 students, who were also studying Space this term.  The Year 7 students put together an interactive experience for the students and used their English skills to put together a MEDIA KIT to promote the Expo.  

The media kit included an advertising poster, radio advertisement and a newspaper article. The interactive stations run by Year 7 students ranged from obstacles courses, science experiments, puzzles, viewing boxes and many games. The Year 7 students did a fantastic job, and all students and teachers had a great time together.