Written by Gigi McLaren, Harper Williams, Charlie Hoholt and Tahlia Bushnell

Picture this: mocktail in hand, french jazz filling the atmosphere and the sun setting over the city. After doing French together for 3 years it was so perfect to be whisked away into ‘Paris’ even for just one night. The Year 10 and 11 French classes visited La Belle Vie for our French celebration this year. 

Upon arrival, the staff welcomed us with the classic French greeting, ‘Bonsoir’. The waiters showed us to our tables with the most elegant view of the city. After settling in with our fellow classmates, we were waited upon hand and foot as they made each student feel like a king or queen. 

Before long, the smell of true French cuisine flooded our senses. From l’entree to le dessert, we were constantly delighted. To start off the evening, we enjoyed l’amuse-bouche (aka nibbles). After the l’entrees we were brought the main meals including: le steak, la caille, la saumon et le croziclette. This was followed with many mouth-watering desserts including favourites such as crème brûlèe and la tarte au chocolat. All too soon we realized the night was coming to an end and we made our way back to school. 

This picturesque evening truly proved to be a night to remember and we could not speak more highly of La Bella Vie. Let’s not forget Mrs Chapman and Mrs Kennedy to whom we are so grateful they could provide us with this amazing experience. Not only to enjoy the evening, but for students to meet their lovely distance education teachers for 2021, Mme Thomas and Mme Derouet. Northside’s excursions make life truly beautiful.