Leaders Visit Canberra for Inspiration

Know the Gospel, know the culture, translate. - Compass Schools Conference, 2017

Our College Captains, accompanied by Year 12 Coordinators Mrs Malan and Mr Jones, attended the five-day annual Compass Schools Conference held in Canberra for student leaders from Christian schools all over Australia.

After delving into the biblical story through seminars and discussion groups, students visited the Australian War Memorial, Parliament House and the Museum of Australian Democracy which they explored in the light of God’s story.

Imagine If ...

They were challenged to imagine if Christians ...

  • were known across the world as a creative people
  • were thought to provide insightful, empathetic, and imaginative leadership in uncertain situations
  • were understood to possess a fresh and innovative approach for dealing with complex local and global issues
  • were seen to offer a vision of meaningful life that considered not only human flourishing, but the flourishing of all creation

An important part of the conference was in the connections made with other school leaders, sharing experiences and encouraging each other with new ideas and strategies. A highlight was the chance to relax and have fun at a bush dance, held in a working woodshed ... animal smells and all!

One of our captains reflected:

Leaving BrisVegas and heading to Canberra, I was a little nervous. Nervous I wouldn’t fit it with the new people. Nervous to sleep next to strangers. Nervous for the sermon sessions. But I was wrong! The Compass Conference was the second best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I got so much closer to all eleven of my fellow leaders and so so much closer to God. I learnt about other people's struggles. I learnt not to judge people by the way they look or act. I learnt to create a path rather than follow the path of others. I learnt that we are truly made in the image of God. I learnt to be a signpost pointing people in the right direction. I learnt that God isn’t just a loving God; He is a just God. I learnt that we are no longer slaves, but children of God. I learnt to forgive those who persecute you. I learnt that sin isn’t just a bunch of black dots on a record; it is a broken relationship. I learnt that the things of this world will never satisfy your thirst for meaning. I could go on and on!