For our 35th anniversary year, our College yearbook was restructured into our five Northside values: faith, learning, excellence, character, community.

Head of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Linda George, shared the following message for our yearbook, through the lense of learning. 

Head of Teaching and Learning

The heart of our approach to teaching and learning is expressed in our mission statement that our students be “educated and equipped for any future”. 

We believe each of our students are uniquely created by God in His image and that their education needs to focus on the development of the whole person. We seek to provide opportunities for our students to grow in their gifts and talents to enable them to realise their God-given potential in all future endeavours, serving God wherever they are called.  
Central to this is the need to value all students’ gifts and talents equally, therefore providing a wide range of training opportunities to our students that does not limit them in their pursuit of academic and vocational outcomes 
(1 Corinthians 12:12-27).  

Each year we realise this vision as a College.  Not only has Northside consistently performed highly in Queensland for OP results (the only independent Christian School to appear in the top 50 over successive years ) and NAPLAN results, but we also have excellent vocational outcomes.  
While more than 90% of our senior students remain 
OP/ATAR eligible, fifty percent of our senior students achieve one or more vocational qualifications by the end of Year 12, in a wide range of fields.  

Striving for excellence is fundamental to our teaching and learning approach. This excellence is driven by the heart of our teachers who view their role as a calling and see themselves as ones entrusted with a responsibility of service to our Lord and King, above other agendas.
This desire for excellence and relying on God’s providence is evident in the legacy of decision making over the College’s history. 

Examples of significant decisions that have contributed to establishing Northside Christian College as an educational leader include the adoption of the evidence based “Dimensions of Learning” curriculum framework almost 20 years ago, now known as “the Art and Science of Teaching” which has only recently been adopted by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and Education Queensland.  

Similarly, the decision to create a Middle School put us years ahead of the Queensland government’s decision to implement this state wide. These decisions have greatly benefited our students and are only two of many examples that could be given of God’s faithfulness in providing wisdom and leading “ahead of our time”, as staff have sought His will.  

Our alumni are the best witness bearers of the education they receive at Northside. When you encounter our graduates, they are influencers and leaders - locally, nationally and internationally - in their communities, churches, vocations and families.

We acknowledge the significance of the legacy of the faithful servants – Northside teachers and leaders - that have gone before, as we move forward and continue to seek ways to develop our capacity to meet the learning needs of our students in an ever changing world.

Mrs Linda George

The above image is a preview of the 'Learning' title page in the 2020 Yearbook, featuring Mrs Chapman's Junior School French class. 

'"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long."

Psalm 25:5 reminds us that it is God’s truth that we learn, whether in biology, business or bass guitar.'