Maths Teams Challenge 2018

Northside recently completed in the annual Maths Teams Challenge for the Brisbane North District and associated Private Schools. This competition sees teams of five students competing against each other in two rounds: a team event, where students solve 10 maths problems in a certain time as a team; a relay event, where pairs of students answer questions in a relay type fashion. It is encouraging to see over 100 students in one venue all enjoying maths problem solving and competing against likeminded and competitive maths brains.


Year 7/8  team (21 teams)

Northside team 2 - 5th

Northside reserve team (mixed with other schools) - 18th

Northside team 1 - 20th

Top three schools were Brisbane State High, Gregory Terrace and Marist College Ashgrove.

Year 9/10 team (28 teams)

Northside team 1 - 10th

Northside team 2 - 20th

Northside reserves - 25th

Top three teams in this competition were Brisbane Grammar, Brisbane State High and Gregory Terrace.

Congratulations to all students who participated and represented Northside so proudly: 

Toby W. 8B

Seif G. 8C

Shawn S. 8C

Kai B. 7C

Daniel S. 7D

Rubitha K. 8D

Beth B. 8D

Briel G. 8C

Amy W. 7C

Jessica H. 7C

Rozen M. 7C

Jethro T. 7D

Trinity R. 7C

Luke W. 8D

Liam B. 10D

Graham D. 10D

Daniel G. 10C

Reagan P. 9B

Asher B. 9B

Leanne d. J. 10A

Cian M. 10D

Joelle T. 10B

Gabriel G. 9A

Raoul K. 9D

Adam B. 9A

Gerald F. 9A

Lucas F. 9B


“It was a great experience that challenged our prior mathematics knowledge and our ability to solve new problems. We had a reserve team, which was made up of three grade 9 students and a grade 10 student from another school. We called ourselves: The Legendary Leftovers. It was a fun day out.” Lucas Flynn 9B

“I really enjoyed the Maths Team Challenge last Wednesday. I found the questions really fun, but also challenging. I enjoyed working with a team to figure out the answers.” Liam Brown

“The Maths Team Challenge was a morning filled with challenging questions and students passionate about maths. It was a great experience competing in a team and working together on many tough questions.” Leanne de Jongh

“The maths challenge was a great experience. The day challenged my mind to think of easy, quick and correct ways to solve problems I had never seen before. The day was a great experience, success and a lot of fun to be exposed to all the maths lovers! I'm definitely going next year.”  Amy Wilkinson

“Overall, my experience with the Maths Team Challenge was great. Not only was I able to spend a day doing maths, I was able to experience it with other people who were equally enthusiastic about maths. The challenge has certainly improved my ability to read and solve maths question swiftly and correctly. The day was filled with hard-work and fun and it was very interesting to see many other schools with so many people that shared the same enthusiasm for maths. I can guarantee that I will be doing it again next year.” Briel Gabatan