Matt Stackhouse is a Senior Consultant at Heritage Leaders, who runs retreat programs and leadership mentoring programs for corporate leaders and ministry leadership. Matt, together with his colleague Jeff Nagle, ran a three-day leadership retreat with the College Captains and Vice-Captains at the beginning of the year. The College Captain Team enjoyed an intense weekend looking at the spiritual formation of a leader using resources that were biblically based and mentally challenging and revelational.

Matt was so impressed by the students; he requested to come and meet with captain team while in Brisbane for a board meeting last Friday. We took full advantage of Matt’s visit, and he met with the Staff Senior Leadership Team, he preached at Chapel on the topic of goodness and faithfulness, and he had a lunch with the Captain Team checking in on how they had applied what they had learnt from the retreat. We give thanks for Matt’s visit, he has become a good friend of the College, and we look forward to future encounters.