Dear Parents,    

It is very important that the College has up-to-date medical details for the safety of all students. To ensure this, we request that you verify your student/s medical details for the start of the 2021 school year.  To do this, please log in to Parent Lounge, click on Student Details>Medical Details and press the green ‘Verify’ button.  This will then display the current medical conditions (if any) with attachments or updates that have been submitted to the College to date.  Please review this information and if it is all true and correct, select the ‘Verify’ button and then click the ‘Submit Verification’ button. 

If this information is not true and correct, please make the necessary additions/deletions and submit these changes with the relevant action plans to the College for review and acceptance.  Once these changes have been accepted, you can then complete verification process as above.

Note:  You will need to do this for each student.  Any updates you make will not appear instantly as they are first submitted to the College for review and acceptance. 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Should you have any queries, please email the College at