Middle School eco-team

Since September 2018, the Middle School eco-team has been working hard to implement ecologically sustainable practices across the Middle and Senior schools.  Since the start of the Government’s Containers for Change program in November last year, over 4000 containers, collected at school by the eco-team, have been recycled and redirected from landfill.  Plastic straws have been removed from the College Cafe and the school has introduced a large cardboard and paper recycling bin for use across the whole campus. Classrooms are being set up with paper recycling containers and each Middle School Form Class has an eco-team student representative.  The two founding students of the eco-team, Bianca E and Tylah M (Y9), have been selected to be a part of the Brisbane City Council’s Green Heart Student Environmental Leadership Network, which provides the girls with opportunities to participate in workshops with students from across Brisbane.  

Their advice to us all is to take small steps toward positive change. With steps in place to better recycle paper used by students in classrooms, the eco-team are now working towards creating options for families to reduce the amount of soft plastic that finds its way into our bins each day. Many families are already on board with sustainable lunch box practices, but more could certainly be done to reduce the soft plastics filling our school bins. If you are interested in knowing more about the Middle School eco-team, or would like to play a part in supporting the team, please contact Mrs Karen Pillinger-Burns through the Middle School Office.

Eco Team