The Middle School Graduation & Awards Night celebrated the 2019 theme of "Humble hearts, lifted high". The 2019 school leaders, Sean Lim and Tanatswa Mapfumo, both reflected on the year that's been, discussing the Middle School Social, Carnival, Acoustica, Girl's High Tea/Boy's Mancave and 'The Blast from the Past' themed social. These many events and activities were all done with the vision to connect and deepen relationships with students from across Middle School.

"As a servant-hearted community of Christ, we believe that we are all united through our common goal. "

The celebration, acknowledgement and gratitude from the night was a significant reminder of the supportive and encouraging culture that Northside Middle School continues to develop every year.

Special Award Recipients

Dux: Connor A

Proxime Dux: Rubitha K

Creative Arts: Ari N

Best All Rounder: Gabriella M

Community Service: Sean L

Sportsman: Jedd B

Sportswoman: Joanna H


2020 Leadership Team

Captains: Quinton R, Gabrielle P

Leaders: Sarah H, Trinity R, Ellie D, Ethan K, Jethro T, Kai B

This year, the students in the Year 9 mural group decided to approach the task of designing and creating a collaborative piece using completely new media. Inspired by the printmaking works of Laurie Nona, an established artist from The Torres Strait Islands, the mural team embarked on the extensive, challenging (and sometimes painful) task of designing, transferring and carving their individual designs for a collaborative piece. 

This artwork was created as a response to the stimulus phrase - 

“Humble Hearts, Lifted High”

The piece depicts a large tree, standing with its roots exposed and branches extended reaching upward past the frame. The eclectic compilation of meticulously carved designs are reflective of the individual responses and personalities that worked synergistically to create this work. As one explores the tree, they are greeted by visual representations of flaura, fauna, patterns and symbols.

No two pieces are the same, representing the unique personalities of each student at Northside. Every piece is connected and dependant on one another.

We felt that this was an accurate representation and depiction of what it truly means to be humble - to exhort and support those around you as equal in their part to play in the community. 

In the middle of the tree is a cross. This cross and its placement are an explicit expression of our reliance on Christ, and his Lordship over the heart of the school. His preeminence over the community here at Northside is our number one priority - He is the centre of all our achievements, talents and triumphs.

We hope that when people view this mural, that they will be encouraged to express their unique God-given gifts within the Northside community. We hope they would understand that their part to play - their voice - is important, and needs to be heard. We pray that through this work, the community at Northside would continue to practise humility, upholding and encouraging one another in Faith and Love.