Recently our 2019 Middle School captains and leaders were inducted into their roles at a special assembly service. As part of their commitment, those inducted recited the following charter:

We will endeavour to follow Jesus Christ in all that we do; to lead the students of the College not according to our own wisdom or self-interests but as willing servants of Christ.

We will strive to uphold and live out the standards and beliefs of the College at all times in our attitude, our speech and our actions.

We will personally do all we can to make Northside Christian College a place of encouragement, acceptance, care and respect.

Recognising these responsibilities, We ask for God’s help and resources to carry them out.

Middle School Captains

  • Sean L
  • Tanatswa M

Middle School Leaders

  • Jonah C
  • Cailin D
  • Briel G
  • Seif G
  • Joel M
  • Gabriella M
  • Caela M
  • Ariana N