As a special focus for our 35th anniversary year of the College's commencement in 1985, Pastor John Lewis and his wife Val Lewis were honoured during the recent Secondary Commencement Ceremony.

The College was founded by the board of Northside Christian Family under the leadership of Pastor John Lewis, with the School Council under the leadership of Graham Corney.

Their vision, hard work and sacrifices 35 years ago built a solid foundation to the school that Northside Christian College is today.  As a part of the anniversary celebrations, we also honour and recognise the invaluable work of the founding teacher-in-charge, Mrs Shirley Meade, who became principal of the College after 4 years.

The assembly also included the induction of the new Middle School leaders. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Middle School Captains for 2020, and look forward to the servant-hearted leadership and vision that you will lead with this year! 

Middle School Captains

  • Gabrielle P.
  • Quinton R.

Middle School Leaders

  • Kai B.
  • Ellie D.
  • Sarah H.
  • Ethan K.
  • Trinity R.
  • Jethro T.

We look forward to a great year ahead where the Captains and Student Leadership Team will lead us with enthusiasm, cohesiveness and creativity in organising and running events.

An excerpt from Mrs. Long's speech: 

I do believe Year 9s that if, at your Middle School Graduation in October of this year, you can look back at 2020 and think of one or more examples of where you have prioritized someone else's needs over your have been faithful in the little things...better still to have worked together as a unified and humble cohort to do can be assured of your significant contribution this year.  That making a difference is not just a cliché but a viability.