"The value of a school’s legacy cannot be underestimated. Legacies have to be stated in human terms, not in terms of school buildings or grounds." - Associated Christian Schools

In 2020 we invited the Northside Christian College community to submit nominations for a nation-wide call made by the Associated Christian Schools (ACS) of alumni of Christian schools who were born between 1980 - 2000 (Millennials), who have made a significant positive impact in their career and are now influencing society for the common good. 

A list of 23 Millennial Christian influencers has been released and among them are two Northsiders:

  • Deanna Garbutt (Class of 2003), Lieutenant Commander, Royal Australian Navy (Click on the image below)
  • Kathleen O'Hagan (Class of 2016), Emerging Fine Artist (Click on the image below)

"Associated Christian Schools wanted this project to introduce a variety of young committed Christians, to put stories and faces to the millennial generation," stated ACS. 

 "This impressive list includes influencers who span sectors of work, uniquely contributing in business and non-profits, media organisations and ministries, academia and the arts. Some are up-and-coming in familiar institutions; others are venturing out with projects of their own. These millennials also come from the most diverse generation in Australian history."

Since its inception, the vision of Northside Christian College has been to be a leader in Christian education in Brisbane, preparing students who will be transformational in their spheres of influence. It is encouraging to see that the vision of our founders and the mission of our staff is bearing fruit in the work of our alumnae, who are influencing society for the common good.