45% of all child deaths are due to poor nutrition (Global Nutrition Report, 2015). Globally, 50.5 million children under the age of five are severely undernourished (UNICEF, 2018).  

With God’s heart for the poor, the Year 11 Missions Leadership group coordinated a number of activities to educate students about global poverty and raise money to bless those in need. From poverty simulations in the Middle School, hosting a Prayer Vigil, coordinating the Weekend Without Challenge and doing devotions in form classes, each member of this team played an active role in achieving their goal of raising awareness so that we can make a difference to those who have no choice.

Year 7 simulation:

For the year 7’s we ran a simulation to represent the difficulties many children face with child labour and how difficult it can be to earn enough money to survive. They had to make and sell paper bags with all sorts of deadlines and challenges along the way. The year 7’s enjoyed this experience and, even though it was just a game for them, they responded well to the message that to many, surviving is not a game. They were able to have a glimpse at what others around the world have to face. (Lauren Baker)

Year 8 simulation:

Seeing the Grade 8s fully emerge themselves into the simulation really showed their open and outward focus on today's issues of displacement. The Missions Team were committed and passionate to making this event the most engaging for the students. With myself coordinating each activity, having the team carry their load and running their activity made for a fluent event that brought the reality of Sudanese Refugees to light. (Joshua Krishna)

Year 9 simulation:

After the intense physical labour of the Year 8 simulation, Year 9's "The Vote," focusses on our student's mental attitudes towards people in need. Each year, World Vision's original game is modified to suit current circumstances. So, for me, I was able to help the kids relate to ideas of Tik Tok's potential ban, the American Election, and the pandemic as ways to help them personally understand the decisions leaders face. My goal was to show the Year 9's that our society is bettered when we prioritize others rather than ourselves. Plus, there's a major plot twist revealed at the end. (Georgia Musumeci)

Prayer Vigil:

The Prayer Vigil night was so refreshing and really helped everyone to reconnect with the heart of God. Being still and quiet is something that students don't really have any opportunities to do, but it's something we need in order to be able to hear from Him. (Allison Gerhauser)

Weekend Without:

In Missions Week this year, students from across the middle and senior school joined together to go without for 40 hours, so that others in need could go with, in the ‘Weekend Without’.  Students chose either food, speaking, technology or furniture, and committed to going without them for 40 hours, in order to raise money for the charity cause of their choice: World Vision, Destiny Rescue, UNICEF or a Cambodian Youth Ministry Camp. Overall, many were challenged with the everyday blessings they take for granted and came out of the experience more educated and thankful for how blessed we are. (Jaydon Long)