God loves the poor. Jesus spent his life with the outcast and the forgotten. Mission week provides students with the opportunity to stand in the shoes of another – to understand why a refugee can spend around 7 years in a camp; why the poor resort to selling their children into labouring for lenders they are indebted to; why the world of trade is not fair.  Mission week is student-led. Our missions captain, Isabella Dux and a capable team of Year 9-11 leaders did a superb job of running the Middle School simulation games where students undertook a range of activities that helped them understand the plight of others and the responsibility of privilege. Over 170 students participated in the Weekend Without to raise money for Destiny Rescue, World Vision, Hope House and UNICEF. Going without Food, Technology, Furniture or Talking – some went without all 4!  Money is flooding into these charities due to the efforts of these students and those of you who supported them.  Perhaps the most poignant part of Missions Week is the Prayer Vigil where students gathered in various rooms beautifully prepared to help focus our hearts and prayers for the immense needs in our school, community and world. Missions are and will always be a central stake in the ground at Northside.