We have added several new-release parenting titles to our Parent Library in the last month. You are welcome and encouraged to borrow these items, which are housed in the Junior Library. Of course, this doesn’t mean all the items are junior-focused; rather all ages are covered, with plenty of fantastic teen-related content. Please feel welcome to visit the Junior Library, browse and borrow.

This month we are showcasing two new teen-focused titles:


Parenting teenage girls in the age of a new normal – Michelle MitchellIn this book parenting expert and author Michelle Mitchell provides her unique parenting strategies in response to the biggest issues impacting this generation of girls. 

In Michelle’s words:

“I wanted to write a book that made parents feel like they were literally sitting in my office, talking to me about their young person and (most importantly) walking away with the help they needed. This book talks about the topics I find parents are most concerned about - disrespect, social media, moods, sexuality, drugs, alcohol and partying responsibly.  If you have a teen or tween this book is perfect for you.”


Teen Brain – David Gillespie
From Australia's most trusted non-fiction researcher and author comes the book that every parent needs to read. A brilliant read for parents of this generation, Gillespie covers the science of the teenage brain, addictive behaviours, depression and anxiety, and the sharp rise in screen dependency and addiction. Not only that, he provides expert advice as to what parents can do to confidently manage kids’ use of screens at this critical point in their lives.