Northside Christian College remains faithful to the vision of our founders

As is our custom, Northside staff launched the new school year with praise, worship and devotions. This year, we revisited the College’s ancient boundary stones, and who better to lead the tour than the men who first caught God’s dream for Northside Christian College, brought it to fruition, and laid the boundary stones. Our staff were inspired by the words and vision of Nexus Church Senior Pastor John Lewis, Pastor Glen Cochrane and Mr Graham Corney.

Throughout the College’s thirty-four-year history, this dynamic trio have played many and varied pivotal roles. Pastor Lewis made room for the education of young people within the scope of the church’s ministry. Mr Corney was both architect and engineer of the vision and the realisation of the College. Pastor Cochrane and the other two men have provided leadership serving as a Board and College Council members.

Pastor Lewis reviewed the spiritual territory this College has occupied since it was birthed by visiting each of the ancient boundary stones that define it.

Even in this day of GPS technology, boundary stones are still used as physical objects to demarcate territory. An invisible line lies between two or more stones to declare this land is different from that land. For example, the Deakin and Kimberley obelisks are formal stones that create the boundary of Western Australia, distinguishing it from South Australia and Northern Territory.

Boundary stones also denote ownership, which is why the Bible offers an injunction to uphold and respect them in Proverbs 22:28: “Do not move an ancient boundary stone set by your fathers.” Shifting them is fraught with complications and inevitably leads to long-term problems.

In the case of Northside Christian College, our boundary stones are spiritual ones. They declare our ‘territory’ is distinct and unique because it belongs to Jesus Christ. Pastor Lewis shared the five ancient boundary stones that define Northside Christian College. Together, they mark out our reason for being, define the Northside uniqueness, and remind us that we and the College belong to God and are His handiwork.

Ancient Boundary Stone 1: 

This College is a ministry of the church, not a college on a church property.  This College was birthed by the church as a ministry of the church.

Ancient Boundary Stone 2: 

Educational history in Australia was birthed in the church by the church and with the Bible as its first text book. 

Ancient Boundary Stone 3: 

The College is not an escape or protection from the state system but a proactive enabling of our students for life and excellence in education. It sets them up with a strong Christian worldview that enables them to respond with a good apologetic to a non-Christian worldview.

Ancient Boundary Stone 4: 

Our uniqueness: We are God-honouring, Christ-centred, student-esteeming and parent-respecting.

Ancient Boundary Stone 5: 

Our Christian teachers and staff are the message. We teach a little by what we say; we teach more by what we do; and we teach most by who we are—our life, disposition, attitude, reactions, godly decorum, and ethos of influence.

We join Pastor Lewis in thanking our teachers and staff for their Godly influence on our students. Refreshed and inspired by his timely reminder of the College’s boundary stones, we look forward to another year of serving the families of the College community as we educate and equip a generation of young people to live for Jesus Christ.


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