2020 hit the ground running with the inaugural 'Sports Camp'. This new initiative saw over 100 Northside athletes (Y7-12) dedicate their final week of holidays to intentional athletic training.

The Camp centred on the three focuses for 2020: Community, Commitment & Excellence. Students were privileged to have training sessions with elite level athletes excelling in their sport, along with completing the 'Pray, Play, Say’ course run by Scripture Union.

Other activities included: speed sessions, strength and conditioning, recovery, beach Olympics, and many team training sessions (focus on BOS sports & athletics). Our students were tired, yet completely engaged and thankful for the opportunity to grow in their love for sport.

From a mother: "My two boys attended camp. They could not stop talking about every aspect of it when they returned home. They absolutely loved it. Not only the sport, but also the new friends they made due to the year levels being mixed together."

We are really excited to see the fruit of this Camp permeate throughout the various sporting activities in 2020.

Parent Testimonial: 

My son has returned from sports camp a completely new, more mature, happy and confident person. He has actually shared a heap of stories with me and is bouncing around. They did an amazing job of making the year 7s feel welcome and important. He said every single person there was nice to him and he was beaming. 

What a blessed community we are part of! My son has emerged from his shell and the transformation is extraordinary. He can't wait for middle school to start now. Hats off to the teachers, he said they were brilliant and I'm very very grateful to them and the way they bonded that community together in a couple of days.  Thanks and praise to our God, and for the blessing that Northside Christian College is to us. I am so encouraged at the beginning of this Middle School journey that good things are ahead! 

Blessings, Bec B