Every production needs the backstage crew, every function needs the set-up/pack-down team, every completed project needs the workers. Every student and staff member would know the effort that is needed to keep the campus and the timetable operational.

On the first day of Term 3, the staff were bussed to a different location for the morning. As I sat on the last bus to leave, watching the others depart, it occurred to me that the College operates an impressive fleet of buses. My mind wandered back to earlier times when we didn’t have, or need, a bus. Students were taken to the local library, or swimming lessons, in the cars of parents and staff.

The first bus service in the days of a much smaller school was a shared service with Prince of Peace school for a comparatively small number of students and a brown minibus owned by the church that was used at times.

The next step was “The Old Green Bus”, a retired council bus that was much used for many purposes. For example, at one stage, when the oval was being piped and couldn’t be used, the older students were bussed to a park in Stafford for lunch each day. Staff were bussed to such things as a conference on student free days. One of my favourite memories of the green bus was a staff outing at the end of 1995 when, in 60’s costumes, we set off for our end of year lunch to a Pizza Hut.

As we fast-forward to today, the buses play a vital role in transporting students to and from the College each day. They take multitudes of teams and classes to sporting events, excursions and camps.

However, a fleet of buses, no matter how impressive, would be quite useless if there were no drivers. Across the year, many different men and women have faithfully driven, cleaned and maintained the bus fleet and someone has coordinated, timetabled services and rostered staff. The names and faces have changed but the roles remain the same. The multitude of activities would not happen without them.

Back on campus, there is another group of people who work tirelessy to maintain the grounds, set up equipment as diverse as stage props, tents for sporting events, and equipment for special occasions. They clean the air-conditioners, paint the walls, fix what is broken, install new cupboards, and complete a myriad of other jobs that need to be done. They help direct traffic, set up safety barriers, erect signage and generally maintain a safe environment for the many children and adults who are on the campus every day.

During every holiday break, there are a lot of maintenance, upgrading and building jobs to do. The jobs during this most recent break have included the old retaining wall/seating area on the oval which was in need of repair/replacement. A good section of that is almost complete.

There is a Property Manager who oversees this whole operation and who is always an extremely busy person. Again, the names have changed but the hard work has continued.

In this article, we wish to salute this group of people who, though often unseen, fulfil a role that is central to the mission of the College - to make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped  for any future. We pray God’s blessing on each one, past and present.