It has been a tradition that every student in Junior School takes part in the biennial concert. If you were a Junior School student in 2016, this was your concert. 

It is always a logistical challenge to make the program flow smoothly but the whole Junior School staff has worked together to ensure that almost 600 students make at least one appearance on the stage.  For those in instrumental groups and choirs, there is more than one appearance, with a change of costume between.  Movement between classrooms and stage is carefully orchestrated and the program has always flowed smoothly. 

Stage and Technical crew have played a vital part and there has been support from the marketing and property departments. Parents have played their part in organizing costumes.

The community comes together and lasting memories are made. The interruption of Covid to the 2020 concert produced a much-appreciated digital concert and now the community event has made a much-anticipated return.

Congratulations to everyone who has played a part in making this year’s concert a success.