This quote on the founding of the College is from Graham Corney in the 25th Anniversary Yearbook:

“The proposal was for a school that sought to educate the children of Christian parents from the perspective that Jesus Christ is central to all other realities, present and to come. Every intellectual discipline is informed from this perspective.”

As I write this today, thirty-eight years after the school began, the 2022 Graduates are celebrating their very last day at Final Chapel.

Staying true to that vision is more challenging now, but even more necessary.

Some of today’s graduates spent the whole thirteen years of schooling here while others joined along the way.

My thoughts then went to the first ‘graduates’ of our College when it was known as Northside Christian Community School. In 1985, the school started with students in Years 1,2,3 then Preschool was added in Term Two. It is those Preschoolers who went on to become the first Year 12 graduates in 1997.

It took some years to go beyond Year 7 – which at that time was still part of primary schooling in Queensland. When the first three classes finished Year 7, they then had to go to another school for their secondary education.  It was not until 1993 that Year 8 was added and then 1997 before we had Year 12 graduates.

The first ‘graduates’, therefore, were the Year Seven class of 1989. There were just 9 of them. Today, just over 100 students graduated.

In explanation of the photos… In those early years, there were a lot of composite classes so the photos for 1989 and 1990 are 6/7 groups. The actual graduates for each of the years can be deduced by comparing the two photos.