The current Nexus/Northside campus in Everton Park has grown from a single block of land in 1976 to the current property occupying four parallel blocks on Flockton Street and two more at the rear, fronting onto Keona Road.

The first half of the current church building was built on an empty block of land, they established a Kindy, then, after nine years, closed the Kindy to make room for the beginning of the College.

In one re-purposed Kindy room under the church, Northside Christian Community School began in 1985. From this small beginning, the campus has grown to meet the needs of the community. As student numbers increased, expansion took place.

Though the most obvious growth has been the number of buildings, there has also been the development of services such as buses, purpose-built areas for seating and meeting, shade, gardens, and so much more.

Of note at this time, in May 2024, are the completion of the first stage of the Junior School Parklands, the start of the development in the new blocks fronting Keona Road and planning for the next stage of the CINC Building. As buildings and developments are finished, they become part of the daily life of the College community.

The physical campus is important as it enables the fulfilment of the mission – the ‘core business’ – of “making disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future.”

All of this development has a history of the provision of the Lord. In the very early years of the school, each new acquisition was prayed for and celebrated; what we have now was merely a dream. One example of this dream is the recently completed work to cover the creek and reclaim that land.

The first work was done in 1980 when a group of men from the church did the original ‘curbing and channelling’, and the front part of the land was gradually grassed and used.

To show further development, I quote from the front page of the College newsletter from 13 October 1994. “The long-awaited Stage 1 development of our ‘oval’ was completed over the holidays. After the levelling, approximately 700 cubic metres of topsoil was imported and seed sown. Miraculously, there was a light shower the day after the seed was sown and a good soaking rain six days after seeding. Thank the Lord. Already, small tufts of grass are showing. The oval will be ready for use after Christmas. In the meantime, most Year 5,6, & 7 students are being bussed to a nearby park for their lunchtime.

Numerous trees have also been planted around the perimeter of the oval.

Stage 2 of the oval development involves further piping along the council easement (at enormous expense).”

The second-hand pipes were acquired in 1996, and the piping across the oval was done in 1998.

Finally, in 2024, the easement piping was completed with Stage 1 of the JS Parklands.

All this development has happened through the hard work of many people and the faithfulness of our God.