Right across the state, there are families contemplating the milestone of ‘the end of primary and secondary schooling’ – all with a mix of emotions and memories. Among those numbers, there are the families of the Class of 2022 at Northside.

Of the 103 Graduates this year, forty-four of them have been here since Prep. Sixteen came to NCC for Year Seven and small numbers joined each year along the way. Three students have been here for just two years. 

A student’s journey is shaped by many people and their own attitude throughout the years. For each of the 103, we pray that they will be able to reflect on their own journey with satisfaction and thankfulness; knowing that they have been cared for, prayed for, and given the keys to the best life they can lead.    

As they set off on the next exciting stage of their journey, we commit them into the loving hands of our Heavenly Father. We pray that they will continue to develop ’Character through Christ’ and be ‘equipped for any future’. 

I trust that this selection of photos from Prep, Year 6 and Year 9 will bring smiles to many faces.