Secondary Schooling at NCC 1993-2023 

The school began in 1985 with students in Years 1-3. Each year, another year level was added until Year 7 was reached in 1989. Until the end of 1992, this meant that the students had to transfer to a different school to complete their education. As there were no Christian High Schools nearby, for many, this meant the long bus ride to Mansfield to attend Christian Outreach College, now Citipointe. 

1993 stands as a year of significance in the life of the college. Mr Murray Averill was appointed Principal as the school moved into secondary education. Mrs Shirley Mead’s title became Head of Primary for the next two years. Northside Christian Community School became Northside Christian College. To fit with the primary school uniform, the secondary uniform was green, white with a pale green trim. 

A new crest was created with NCC, and the S in the fourth quarter was replaced with a Bible. This crest is in the upper left corner of the class photo below.

The extension into secondary schooling was a step of faith by the Directors of the College since Commonwealth funding approval had not been granted and by Mr Averill to leave a secure role in a Gold Coast school and accept the position. On February 8, 21 Year 8 students (this number grew to 25 by the end of the year) gathered in a make-shift classroom under the church for the beginning of their Year 8 education. At census date the school had 41 students enrolled in Pre-school, 312 in Primary and 24 in Secondary. 

In the Secondary school, Miss Vicki McKinnon and Mrs Megan Kuchel were appointed along with Mr Averill as the Principal and teacher. In addition, Miss Patricia Slade and Mrs Bev Starrenburg had a secondary teaching role as well as their primary teaching role. 

Another appeal for Commonwealth funding was heard in April and was supported by much prayer. On Friday September 10 came the wonderful news that the appeal had been successful. This meant that the College would receive Commonwealth recurrent funding for its secondary students, would be eligible for Commonwealth capital grants and, most importantly, be able to offer secondary education through to Year 12.

In July, the Year 8 venture received a mandatory inspection by the Queensland Department of Education and, thankfully, this inspection was passed without difficulty. 

As each year passed, another year level was added in the same way as in the beginning of the primary school. In 1997, the College celebrated the graduation of the first Year 12 group. 

In the ensuing time, the College has grown, buildings have been added, subject lists have expanded, more opportunities have been provided. 

Looking at the campus in 2023, it is obvious that the College has seen God’s favour to grow into the current thriving community. The most important part of the College is still the mission to ‘make disciples of Jesus Christ, educated and equipped for any future’.