The Real Christmas

In an era when Christmas greetings are replaced by ‘Happy Holidays’ and manger scenes are no longer frequent sights in the community, it is so good to know that, at Northside, the Nativity is presented every year by our youngest students. This is the beginning of the Christmas season for many.

In a College that seeks to have God as its foundation and focal point, it is to be expected that our eyes and our hearts should be tuned more to the ‘real reason for the season’ than to the commercial focus of the shopping centres.

The tradition of a Nativity presentation has been present on this site since 1976 when both the Kindy and the Sunday School gave their separate performances. The Kindy performances were continued by the school and, since Mrs Cathy Cheel started in 2001, she has been the enthusiastic organiser.

The teachers and aides in these lower years give their full support, and every year, the performance is one of the highlights of the year – certainly one of the most photographed and filmed by the members of the audience! The support of Mr Clark Thompson in the Sound and Lighting role over the years has been invaluable and much appreciated.

Cathy is renowned for her attention to detail and ‘going the extra mile’ and this is reflected in the high standard of the finished product. It is quite amazing to see how many different sub-plots can be woven around the central story to create a wonderfully heartwarming start to the Christmas season.

If there are ever any little ‘bloopers’, they are always compensated for by the ‘cuteness’ factor.