One of the joys of being the College Archivist is seeing the old photos and remembering - the time, the people, the place, the event. This newsletter celebrates memories, both recent and more distant. I am hoping that there will be something here for parents, alumni and current students and that the photos will bring smiles to faces.

Some of the photos depict a special event, others are simply everyday occurrences. They are dated and labelled so, hopefully, that will be helpful. I started off with far too many photos and wanted to include them all so had to make some difficult decisions. If you don’t see yourself in this selection, there will be more in another newsletter.

If you have photos that would fit in a collection like this, please share them (with identifying information – place, event, time, names) and they can be added to the collection. If you do have anything to share; perhaps a photo or a memory, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Mrs Bev Starrenburg


Ph: 3353 1266