As a Year 12 leadership team, we got the privilege to go away on a four day retreat at the end of week one to Mt Tamborine. Over the course of these four days we had the opportunity to deepen our connection with God, connect our leadership with our faith and grow in ourselves to become better leaders. 

Heritage Leaders came out to facilitate our retreat and presented us with valuable knowledge, new perspectives and insight which we all have taken something from. Together as a team we have connected with each other and created friendships which will make our leadership team stronger throughout the year. We all cannot wait to serve the college community and have so much faith and excitement in this next chapter. 

Class of 2021 Vision

“No matter what, people matter.” 

Each year the Senior School leadership team is asked to form a vision, a general direction for all of our future endeavours to work towards. Through prayer and discussion amongst our team, we agreed our vision and mission focus for this year will be: No matter what, people matter!

When people see that they matter to us, they begin to realise they matter to Jesus, and when they realise that they matter to Jesus, Jesus begins to matter to them. Every day, we each have an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. We may never know the impact our words and actions have on others, whether good or bad. 

Luke 2:32 says, “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you?” The challenge here is that it’s easy to love our friends, but it is much harder to love those who aren’t. What sets you apart from this world? What are you doing differently? 

We as humans love conditions. A lot of time we give, expecting to receive. The type of love that Jesus exemplifies is not a conditional love. It is a love that no matter the response upon receiving it, it will still be freely given unconditionally. Our desire is that during this year we would look at removing some of those conditions that we may have that stop us from loving or extending love and friendship to others, both in our community here at Northside, and those our community touches. Because, “No matter what, People Matter!”

No matter their interests,
Or gifts and abilities
No matter their differences,
Their colour or cultural background
No matter what grade they are in,
Church they go to, or suburb they live.
No Matter if they are in our team,
In the opposite team, or school they go to.
No Matter What, People Matter.

Everyone wants to know they are seen. Deep down we all long for meaningful connection. We’re all on different journeys, destined for the same ending. Getting alongside one another and taking the good days with the bad days together, is so important.

Northsiders, we don’t want to do events for the sake of it. We do events because people matter. We, as a community, are God’s people, selected and set apart for His will. We need to cherish what God has given us. He’s given us this year to make an impact, and we encourage each year level to get involved, so that every single person can feel valued. This year, let’s place value in the people. We don’t want to focus on the what, but the why. People are the why.

A vision sets us in the right direction, but words need action! So we encourage you to reach out to people, in big or small ways, to show people that they’re cared for. A few practical ways that this vision can come into action can include keeping an eye out for people who look discouraged or alone and invite them to hang out with your group. Regularly check in with people to see how they’re really going. Walk with someone different to class. Encourage one another so that we can all finish well. 

Make the most of the opportunities around you, and as we work together, we can show people that they matter to God, because in the end that is all that matters.

Jaydon Long and Ari Robertson
College Captains 2021