Northside Christian College consistently scores above average in NAPLAN results

2017 NAPLAN Results in Queensland

Based on the 2017 NAPLAN results, Northside Christian College students have once again excelled, scoring well above the state average. 

While Northside is proud of our students' results, we acknowledge NAPLAN is a standardised test and, as such, is only one measure of students' academic ability and achievement. 

Northside students also enjoy many other markers of success, including high levels of wellbeing, engagement, motivation and connectedness.

Primary School Results

Northside Christian College Primary School is in the top 3% of best performing primary schools in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Primary School Ranking

Secondary School Results

Northside Christian College Secondary School is in the the top 2% of best academic performing secondary schools in Queensland, placing the College among the best performing Christian schools in Brisbane.

Secondary School Ranking

2017 Innovative School Award Winner 

Northside Christian College was named one of Australia’s forty most innovative schools by The Educator.

The award recognises outstanding educators who are improving teaching and learning outcomes through technology and innovative practices.

The College has strategically prioritised innovation and creativity to ensure its graduates are equipped for the job market of the future.

Northside envisions pioneering entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary educational programs that will prepare young people with skills and confidence in an increasingly interconnected and borderless world, where creativity and innovation are prized.

Read more about Northside Christian College's Academic record.

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