Northsiders at Future Brisbane Challenge 2019

Future Brisbane Challenge

Last Term, 30 Year 7 Students had the amazing opportunity to represent Northside Christian College at the Future Brisbane Challenge as part of the wider World Science Festival.

The event was held in the main ballroom at Brisbane City Hall, and it was part rock concert, part science spectacular, part dramatised story, but all to do with sustainability.

The Future Brisbane Challenge was essentially an interactive, innovation-focused event which imagined Brisbane as a city of the future. Every student was appointed part of the 2100 Response Team and had to evaluate local and global challenges faced by cities. Everyone got to take on different roles and skills in the Response Team, gather knowledge given a character with a sustainability challenge, write a creative story about what their characters’ life would be like in 2100; dream up a radical and innovative solution, then create a physical model of your solution.

At the end the solution was recorded as a 2-minute video pitch to make Brisbane the cleanest, greenest, most sustainable city in Australia.

As a school it has been amazing opportunity to partner with the Brisbane City Councilto work with students to actively reduce your impact on the local environment and to empower you to take action for sustainability. 

Not only have our students been able to meet and see our local government’s sustainability initiatives, we were also able to look at our own school block and how we can work towards a more sustainable future for Northside and north Brisbane. 

Five facts that make us proud to be living in Brisbane:

  1. Brisbane City Council is Australia’s largest 100% carbon neutral organization 
    1. we do not add carbon to the planet without having a way to negate it
  2. Brisbane City can boast more than 9500 hectares of natural areas
    1. this preserves our precious bushland
  3. Brisbane City has more than 2100 parks
  4. There is over 30% shade cover for Brisbane streets
  5. Brisbane City is making progress on producing zero waste 
    1. domestic waste disposed to landfill is decreasing 
    2. increase in recycling