Parking and Campus Traffic Information

We are excited to welcome over 1140 students to Northside in 2019. This comes with some logistical challenges as they seek to arrive and leave class at similar times. We thank you for your patience as the initial bustling of traffic settles on campus.

Even with the benefit of some onsite parking, we need the following guidelines to assist with smooth traffic flow. Please refer to the College map for Carpark locations.

Drop-off and pick-up guidelines 

Carpark 1 opens at 2:40pm for the start of afternoon pick-up. Please do not come early and queue, as this is a hazard.

If possible, arriving 5 minutes later for Senior Students misses the peak traffic.

The following key areas are designated for drop-off and pick-up zones:                                

Flockton Street (in front of A Block and the College Oval)                
Carpark 1 (in between Oval and Prep Centre)                                    
Carpark 2 (in front of Junior School)                
Drop-off & Go Zone (outside Auditorium/The Alley)

The following areas are not designated as drop-off or pick-up zones:            

Carpark 3 (across from The Alley) is a campus visitor carpark, and doubles as a basketball and netball court, which is used before, during and after the school day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Carpark 4 (top of the hill) is also used as a sports facility before, during and after school.            
Carpark 5 is designated for Nexus Church staff only.            
Carpark 6 and 7 are for Northside Christian College staff only.            
Carpark 8 is Nexus, Nexus Care and Next Steps kindy parking only.

For all short-term parking, please ensure that you park in the appropriate area, whether volunteering, visiting The Alley, or otherwise. Please park on Flockton St and surrounding streets for all long-term parking.

Learner Driver Guidelines

It’s always a significant moment for our senior students when they gain their Learner Driver permits and their P-Plates. We would ask you to note the guidelines in this regard. 

Learner drivers are discouraged from driving on to campus property and are asked to change over drivers at the front of the college where possible, as we have the potential to have over 150 learner drivers coming onto the campus.

The main reason is that the campus has only the one entrance and exit, which often leads to traffic build up. At the times of the day for student drop off and pick-up, you can appreciate we have increased movement by our much younger students and families using internal crossings and this, coupled with our hilly terrain, brings a need for high levels of vigilance and a duty of care to our community.

P-Platers - Those students who progress over time to their P-Plates and who drive their own vehicles to school are required to park off campus due to the parking space restrictions on campus.