"Having taught at Northside for the last 16yrs, I am excited about this new opportunity to serve our community as the Head of Pastoral Care, Junior School. I completed my tertiary studies at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, and joined Northside in 2006 as the Junior School Sports Coordinator and PE Teacher. In that time I married my lovely wife Kate and together we have three gorgeous girls who all attend Northside.  

In my role as Sports Coordinator I prided myself on forming strong relationships with students, staff and the parent community. This was achieved through treating people with respect and taking the time to listen and hear peoples heart. This is something that I believe is a key part of my new pastoral care role.     

As the Head of Pastoral Care, one of my main responsibilities is overseeing student wellbeing and discipleship. In Junior School, this starts right from Prep as students are introduced to our CARE focus; Courtesy, Attitude, Resilience and Excellence. These character traits are taught explicitly in the younger years and complimented by the Bridge Builders Program which is run from Prep - Yr 6. Bridge Builders provides simple, faith-based skills that teach resilience and constructive, peaceful approaches in responding to conflict.

In addition, the Junior School has programs such as Chums and Pals which provide opportunities for older students to mentor younger students. This is especially important as students transition from Prep to Yr 1.

Through Chapel services, daily devotionals and missions, the foundational blocks of Character through Christ are laid. This continues as students journey through middle and senior school and ultimately in our quest to make Disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped and ready for any future.  

I look forward to this opportunity to partner with our Northisde community."  

Mr Sam Heylen
Head of Pastoral Care (Junior School)