Did you know that we have some very special books in our Junior School Library?  These have been written or illustrated by alumni or past and present staff members.  Why not encourage your children to borrow them or better still, come to the library before or after school to check them out.

  1.  Boogie Woogie Bird by Alison Stegert (past staff member)
  2.  Everyday Wonders by Natala Graetz (Alumni)
  3.  The Big Blue Hullabaloo by Andrea Smith (Current Year 5 teacher)
  4.  Colourful Memories by Catherine Bauer and illustrated by Kathleen O’Hagan (Alumni)
  5.  Ten Playful Pandas and Playful Panda’s ABC by Janene Grant (past staff member)
  6.  A Penny in Time by Anna Bartlett (Alumni)

1. Published just this year, this is a joyful story about a clumsy curlew who can’t find his dance groove until the right bird comes along. Themes: friendship, courage, having a go and being true to yourself. 

Alison will be conducting an activity related to her book during Under 8s day (June 23) in the JS Library.  Signed copies of her book will also be available for sale during Under 8s day.

2. Published in 2021 this is a collection of short stories about kind, brave, clever and curious everyday wonders like you.

Everyday Wonders has been beautifully illustrated by the author and has been shortlisted this year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia in the ‘New Illustrator’ category. A notable accomplishment by one of our very own! 

3. Published in 2019 this is a beautifully written and illustrated book telling children about leukameia, its effects and treatment.  Annie (the koala) loves to balance butterflies on the tip of her nose and bounce up gum trees.  One day she finds herself feeling blue but with the help of friends Annie fights the big blue hullabaloo with all her might.  Will she ever feel like her old self once again?

 4. Published in 2018, this is a tender story between a grandchild and grandparent, as they explore memories and family stories together.

5. Published in 2013 and 2014 these are playful stories which introduce younger children to counting and simple dictionary words.  They also give a brief look into Chinese customs and culture.

6. Published in 2011 and celebrating 100 years since the first Australian penny was minted.  Yared stumbles upon a box of old coins in his nanna’s bedroom and things begin to change.  Worlds open up before him as Yared discovers truths he never knew about history, love and belonging.  This book takes the reader through Australia’s post-colonial history ‘weaving the stories of children from decades and centuries ago into a heartwarming relationship between a grandmother and adopted grandson.’ (Goodreads)

Children are always very interested to hear about people they know writing, illustrating or publishing books.  This is a very real encouragement to all those budding writers at Northside Christian College!