"How blessed you are when you make peace! For then you will be recognized as a true child of God." - Matthew 5:9

In Term 1, 2021, Sacred Space focused on the blessing and challenge of being called to be Peacemakers.

Thank you to all those Parents, Students, Staff and Alumni who were able to join our weekly staff gatherings of Worship, Prayer and Devotions.

Students and Staff also took 5 mins each day to DEAP (Drop Everything and Pray)

Our praise and prayer included remembering the following:

· Praise God for a wonderful start back to 2021
· Campus Developments – Parklands Project and Government Grants
· Pray for joy and connection for our new College families
· Prayer against world fear There is no fear in love 1 John 4:18
· Families in financial difficulty
· State and Federal Parliaments - truth and light
· Countries in turmoil
· College Musical
· For students to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus
· Upcoming Secondary camps - for a safe and rich experience for all

We were blessed as a community to pause and reflect on being called to be peacemakers in each of our worlds. 

If you are interested in discovering more about what it means to be a Peacemaker, I highly recommend the article below by Ps Colin Smith:


God Bless,

Mr Laurie Bell
Head of Campus Life