On the 15th of May, we had the privilege of having lunch with Tim Mander, the minister for Everton Park. Along with Captains at other schools we received a tour of Parliament House and gained a better insight into how Queensland’s government operates. We asked Mr Mander for advice about how to best inspire people to join a cause.

Mr Mander highlighted the importance of people having passion for a cause. A message which correlates with out vision for this year, Passion that moves. Mr Mander also shared his views about servant leadership and how a leader’s role is to serve others.

It was inspiring to see how these simple in concept leadership strategies are still used by leaders in high up positions in our society. Mr Mander was a fresh reminder of what Christian and servant leadership looks like within our community. We both learnt the importance of empowering people to believe in the direction you want to take as a leader.

One very point that everyone should know is… the food at the Strangers' Dining Room is really good. If you ever have the opportunity to attend, we fully recommend the Waygu beef steak. We both feel very blessed and privileged to represent the College in this way, and we are excited for what is in-store for the future of our College.

- Toiné S & Tomas B (School Captains)