Science Precinct - Proposed Redevelopment Plans

At the heart of our master plan to develop and grow is our vision to make disciples of Jesus Christ: educated and equipped for any future. The proposed redevelopment plans of the Science Precinct is an exciting upgrade that will continue to expand the opportunities that students benefit from at Northside Christian College.

Mrs Rachael Hutchinson, Laboratory Operations Manager, provides her thoughts about the proposed plans and what they mean for the students, staff and school.

Why is this development important for the school?

The laboratories are recognised as the powerhouse for teaching and learning the disciplines of science. We recognise that the educational experience is enhanced by practical learning and students flourish in a flexible and dynamic environment. With the advancement in facilities the laboratories will be equipped to support advanced experimental investigation.   


What are some features that students can look forward to?

As part of the development, the three existing laboratories will be refurbished and an additional leading edge laboratory will be constructed. The plans also include a multi-purpose student hub designed for project planning, research and study.

As well as receiving a fresh new look, the proposed laboratory plans embrace a flexible design offering an adaptable learning environment to support diverse teaching and learning formats.


What are you personally excited about with this new development?

I am looking forward to seeing every new development that brings Northside’s Science Precinct closer to the leading edge of science education. We are beyond blessed with an exceptional department of science educators equipped with real life and industry experience.  The addition of a new laboratory will allow for further experimental and practical opportunities for the students which is an invaluable learning tool: consolidating theory with a physical and tangible experience. 


What is something we can pray about to make this development smoother?

We would appreciate your partnership in prayer as we prepare for the development of the new Science Precinct. 
Prayer points:

  • Funding support – we continue to trust in God’s timing and provision through budgeted savings, gifts and fundraising activities.
  • That the building and development progresses smoothly and within acceptable timeframes. 
  • Praise and thanks giving that we can continue to build and expand on projects that benefit our students and bring glory to God.


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