Science Week 2019

In Week 3, the Secondary School were amazed and delighted by the activities for Science Week 2019. On Monday and Tuesday the Science-ing began with drone programming workshops run by STEM Punks, as well as the start of the annual Agar Art competition. Students raced to land drones correctly, or painted designs with different coloured bacteria on agar plates. The week culminated with the Friday lunchtime Mega Science Week Event. 

This year saw exhibits from the University of Queensland Coral Watch team with a virtual reality experience, Ocean Life Education touch tanks, kinetic sand play tables, a chromatography crime scene, and a core sampling demo. The results of the Agar Art competition and the Term 2 Crystal Growing Competition were also displayed. 

This year the Science Career Focus was on the newest Senior Science, psychology, with an information session run by psychologists Liam Burgess and Claire Ting. Overall, it was a fun, hands-on and inspiring week of Science.


Rosana Niven
Secondary Science Teacher