The Senior School Graduation & Awards Night was a fitting celebration of our Year 12 students, provided opportunity for reflection, affirmation, and encouraging words of wisdom. 

An excerpt from the 2019 Senior Student leadership team, which was included in the graduation program:

Jesus embodied passion through his life as he lived out the gospel and he expressed passion through his love for us and willingness to die for us. As the spirit of the risen Christ lives in those who have accepted Him into their hearts, they have been moved into action for God’s glory.

The 2019 Captain Team adopted the theme this year of ‘Passion that Moves.’ - moving people to serve, pray, love and reach out with a passion that moves others to follow. This cyclic concept characterises the Captains’ goal, with the Prefects and Senior Students, to model and lead their fellow students into action with them in creating a warm, safe, and caring community where everybody is valued.

We once again congratulate our year 12 cohort for finalising their schooling,  and we thank them for the inspiration that they have been to their peers, to Northside staff and to younger members of the Northside community. We pray God's blessing in their chosen careers and in all their endeavours.