The second Northside spiritual retreat for senior students was a wonderful time for all who attended. With the aim of helping students find God in the silence and deepen their personal relationship with God. After a beautiful, scenic trip up to Mount Tamborine filled with much excitement and laughter, everyone settled into cabins and cooked our first communal dinner together. 

Besides sharing and cooking our food together, the weekend included group sessions filled with lively discussions about the different ways of connecting with God's wisdom and peace in this fast paced world. Another major aspect of the weekend was the reflection time in which students were encouraged to spread out on the campsite and meditate on the scripture the group had been discussing to help facilitate a deeper spiritual connection.

 The highlight of the retreat, were the moments that the group could sit in nature and fall in love with God's creation all over again. Whether it was sitting outside star gazing or journaling at the powerful and striking Curtis falls, these encounters with nature were impactful and treasured by all involved. Both the students and teachers left the weekend feeling a little bit lighter after decompressing from the pressures of our lives. 

Are you looking for some peace? Would you like to be closer to God and hear His voice more? Do you feel busy all the time? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you in Years 10, 11, 12? Then perhaps the next Spiritual Retreat in August is where you should be! Go for it. Take a risk and rediscover how amazing it is to have a relationship with our loving God!