We had our first Spiritual Retreat for students over the weekend of May 19th-21st at Mt Tamborine. A couple of the students have written a reflection on their time on the Retreat.

“As we were driving up the mountain, I got a bit sceptical of the decision to come on the Retreat. However, once I saw the view from up top, I was stunned. Every time I looked at the view down the mountain with Brisbane in the background, it made me feel as if all my problems were so small. It was peaceful, and no noise could interfere with this peace. I don’t think I have ever been quiet for so long before. But I also didn’t feel the need to talk to anyone. I finally had time to Pray, Think and Reflect. And I did a lot of reflecting." 

"Waking up in the morning was hard to do because it was cold, and I realized that I didn't pack enough warm clothes. But waking up together and watching the sunrise was a good distraction. The teachers weren’t just teachers; instead, they felt like people we’ve known for a long time. We made amazing food, and we all had fun together. If this was an experience I had the choice to do again, I would gladly do it. The journey made me feel closer to God and gave my mind a sense of peace.”

“This retreat developed my faith in ways I couldn't even comprehend before going. It was truly an unforgettable experience. The community we built was so authentic and genuine, and the staff did not appear as 'teachers' because it felt as if they also grew and learnt with us. The location was simply perfect, and it was amazing to see God's creation in such a raw and majestic state; those sunrises seemed supernatural. This retreat changed my perspective on faith and showed us the importance of being still and knowing that he is God. God's gentle whisper was evident throughout this experience (1 Kings 19:11-13). As a whole, this retreat reminded me of God's constant presence and that his plans for us are not finished.”

If you would like to come on a student Retreat. The next one is on August 4th - 6th. The cost is $125. Please contact Mr Jones ASAP, as there are only a few spaces left!