Student safety before and after school

Please note the following reminder regarding student safety on campus:

Junior School staff are on duty for supervision from 8.00 till 8.30 on the grassed area of the oval and in the Courtyard of A and B Blocks. Students should not be on campus before 8.00am except for supervised activities.

After school, the pick-up zone on Flockton St and the grassed area of the oval are supervised from 3.00 till 3.30. If Junior School students have not been collected by 3.30, they need to move to the area in front of College Reception as a matter of safety. They can be easily pick-up from there by driving through.

Outside of these times and places, there is no supervision and students should not be in any other area of the campus. Playgrounds are out of bounds before and after school unless a parent is present and actively supervising their son or daughter.  

Please note that the College Administration closes at 4:00pm daily. A reminder- for duty of care, should any Junior School students not have been picked up by 3:45pm they will be taken to Outside School Hourse Care, for which there would be a charge.