As we begin the journey to capture the Northside Story, we look at the foundations and learn from the past and, in the ongoing story, we live in the present and make plans for the future.

In all of this, it is vital that we acknowledge the faithfulness of God; His leading, His provision and His presence.

Most of the story will recount and celebrate the growth of the College from its humble beginnings until the present day but, before we do that, we will look a little at what happened in the years leading up to the first day of school in 1985.

In 1976, the Stafford Assemblies of God church congregation moved to 151 Flockton Street, Everton Park, from the church building in McNaughton St, Stafford. John Lewis was the pastor. The board decided to have a Kindergarten and Pre-school on site and appointed a director* to establish and run it. This Kindy was very well-received in the area and the three groups that attended each day soon had 25 children in each.  

The Kindy was an effective Christian witness and it was exciting to see parents becoming Christians as a result of their children being ‘Northside Kindy kids’. 

There were many disappointed parents when the Kindy closed at the end of 1984 to make way for a bigger, exciting venture – the establishment of the school which began in 1985.

Completing the circle, a new Kindy was established in 2013.

The story continues next month…….

Bev Starrenburg

*I was the Director appointed to establish Northside Christian Family Kindergarten and Pre-school and now, after these many years working on the campus I am privileged to be the College Archivist and am able to write 'The Northside Story'.

1976      Church Built - Kindy opened
1979      Planning for a Christian school commenced
1984      Last year of Kindy to make room for the school
1985      Northside Christian Community School began
1989      The first class of Year 7 - a full primary school
1993      Year 8 - the first year of secondary
1997      First Year 12 graduates
2020     35th Anniversary