Then and Now

There is an ad on television for a super fund and it has a very catchy jingle. Its theme is “From little things, big things grow”.

That statement vividly reflects the growth of Northside Christian College.

As this Newsletter article is not suited to a full explanation of the beginnings of the College, here is a brief snapshot.

It started as an idea based on Deuteronomy, Chapter 6. After studying this chapter, the College Founder, Graham Corney wrote in his notes: “The popular reasons given for a move into Christian schooling were that the moral standards of teachers had declined and such things as the occult and pornography have become open and widespread.  Moreover, there has come a shift away from Christian values.

Rather, as I see it, the problem is the method of an approach to life, or world view or grid, through which life is viewed and which is now at the heart of our whole society; including, sadly, some elements of the Christian Church.”

Graham pondered these scriptures in the late Seventies, discussed his thoughts with Pastor John Lewis and then in 1981, chaired the first meeting of the Education Committee in his home.

Sometime later, Graham wrote to Pastor Lewis: “It is sufficient to say that the committee was challenged by a study in Numbers 32: 16 & 17 which arose from your recent sermon in the context of pastoral care.  We do not believe that the provision of a school (fortified cities for our children) is at odds with the basic evangelical thrust (taking the land) of our church. 

 Indeed, in the reading, the houses of Gad and Rueben intended to build their ‘sheepfolds’ and ‘fortified cities for their children’ in the context of their going to fight to take the land and ‘because of the inhabitants of the land’. We do not believe that it is an either/or situation: we believe we must evangelise and we must provide for our children and thus ensure long term evangelism by the development of solid Christian lives… this nation has not yet seen the impact of a generation of children trained up in the true knowledge of Christ.” 

This journey bore visible fruit with the opening of Northside Christian Community School in 1985.

Mrs Starrenburg



1985: with first class and pastor John Lewis

2022:  Recent JS assembly


1985:  original yellow and brown – brown hat and shoes

1987:  Junior School - off-white background with fine check of brown and green - brown hat, shoes, jumper

1993: Secondary added - uniform of white and green - brown hat, shoes, jumper

1996:  current blue based tartan – Secondary and Junior School


1988:  Earthworks for first school building

1989: First designated school building – classes had been under the church

2018: Most recent building – the CINC

Science Classes

1995: Science: Third year of Secondary

2019: Science lesson

2021: Science Precinct

Entry Sign

1989: with first school building

2022: Current front entry

2022: Current front entry sign


1985: Northside Christian Community School

1987: banner for first inter-school sports

1998-2021 Northside Christian College

Property Maps

 1985: Church only

2007: Prep Building

Current Map showing Hall, CINC, Terrace…

Current overview showing properties at the back


1994 A Block Library

2022 JS and Secondary Libraries