NCC is the fulfilment of a dream birthed in 1979 which became a reality in 1985. Since that year, the school has increased in numbers of staff and students from one Year 1-3 class into the present P-12 college. 

If you walk through the campus on any given day, it resembles a hive of activity. The everyday life of the College is a multi-faceted collage of class learning, physical development, growing friendships, having fun, worshipping, singing, studying… the list is very long and keeps growing. 

This is exactly what the College is meant to be. Founded to be a place where Christian families could safely place their children to be educated by Christian teachers within a Christian worldview, we need to continue to aspire to maintaining that goal. 

As we consider the pressures in the current culture against all things Christian, it is good to remember 1 Corinthians 16:13. Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 

Even though the restrictions of Covid 19 impacted what could and couldn’t be done for the past couple of years, the life of the College is still strong. This life becomes apparent as you look through the photos in this newsletter. 

As we are all so aware, there were many restrictions placed upon our lives as a response to Covid and some cherished practices were no longer possible but, as we look to the Lord, the future holds many possibilities. For Missions in particular, the overseas, interstate and even local outreaches were impacted but hearts are being stirred to start a fresh season. 

The selected images are all from this year and are a small snapshot of some of what has taken place since the school year started belatedly in February. 

From Junior School, there are photos of ANZAC Day, Innovation Day, Prep  and lunchtime. 

Secondary School photos show ANZAC Day, Friendship Day, the Senior Leadership workshop and Middle School ‘Medieval Madness’.

Each year, there is new growth as dreams become realities and new opportunities are presented. That is exciting because growth is a sign of life. 

Northside Christian College is alive and strong.